Occasionally I will post articles I have either created or found which you may find interesting:



                                   “Self-talk” limits our awareness & expression of our true self:

                                    by Eckhart Tolle (video clips)

                                    Part 1 - How self-talk limits us expressing who we really are.

                                   (7 minutes )

Our thoughts & beliefs limit us from expressing our true self. Until we "wake-up" to how we block ourselves with self-talk we continue to create "problems" & suffering. When we observe our self-talk in the head, it reduces &  does not "control" us as before - life will still have challenges but "suffering" becomes optional.

                                   Part 2 - Are you ready to let go of believing your self talk?

                                   (3.5 minutes)

Self talk is a habit which fades when we become aware we do it and then consciously choose to let go of who we think we are. It is challenging AND positively life changing!



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                                      by Jane Ewins




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                                      How to Bring Compassion Into Your Interactions With Others

                                      by Roshi Joan Halifax