Wholistic & spiritual counselling

For people who are experiencing challenges in their personal, professional or spiritual life (and quite possibly all three!).

Jane also counsels children.

Wholistic counselling means "seeing" the whole person - recognising the interconnection between mind, body and spirit.

Spirituality is about a sense of meaning and purpose. It is about feeling connected to something bigger, deeper and broader than our self.

It is also about our essential and original self - which is underneath all the layers of experiences, beliefs, fears and thoughts which build up over the years.

Being aware and expressing our spirit/essential self enables us to feel more content and peaceful.

Spirituality is a part of any person's life, whether or not that person is "religious".

People who are consistently in touch with their spirit describe feeling "at home" with themselves. They experience a greater inner strength and love and acceptance of themselves and others. As a result they more easily respond to the (some times very difficult) demands of daily life. 

Jane's approach

Jane's approach in all she does is personal and caring. She does not have a one size fits all approach.

She balances her intuition, awareness, professional training and experience to provide the best possible support for each person she meets.

Jane believes that while professional training is important (click here for more information about Jane’s training and background), so too is wisdom and compassion often gained through facing life's challenges. She has faced numerous challenges including cancer, retrenchment, career & life crossroads including a tree change  5 years ago when she moved from Sydney to Berry!

How to contact Jane

Jane is located in beautiful Beaumont - on top of the mountain between Berry and Kangaroo Valley. Most counselling and personal coaching sessions take place here. However Jane also visits other locations - so please ask whether she visits your area.

Jane regularly travels to Canberra and Sydney to meet clients at their chosen location.

If you don't live close to Berry - you might consider spending a day, weekend or longer to rest and reflect in or around Berry - incorporating  an hour or two of counselling or coaching into your "time-out". 

Jane offers appointments for weekdays and weekends.

To make an appointment or enquiry:

Phone:  0409 466 768

Email:  jane@soulvable.com