The services  offered by Soulvable are influenced by Jane’s diverse background.

In todays fast paced, stressed and consumer driven world people are often seen (and often see themselves) as commodities and/or consumers, “human doings” not “human beings”.

When we  slow down a little, focus and relate to ourselves and each other in more human and compassionate ways -  we are able to achieve our goals more easily - the journey becomes  much more interesting and enjoyable. It is also less stressful.

Over the years Jane has noticed the same needs and desires for people both in their private lives and at work.

Those needs and desires are:

  1. to be listened to - to be really “heard”,

  2. to feel safe to express opinions, thoughts & ideas without fear of ridicule,

  3. to have an appropriate degree of autonomy,

  4. to make a contribution to others,

  5. to experience self respect and personal power,

  6. to be be a part of a supportive & respectful environment,

  7. to feel a sense of “connection” to something “more”.

If you would like to live and work in more happy, effective and less stressful ways

contact Jane at Soulvable .


Introducing you to Soulvable.

The purpose of Soulvable is to provide encouragement, assistance and guidance for you to create more effective and less stressful ways to live and achieve your goals - personally and professionally.

Soulvable offers a range of services including:

  1. counselling

  2. coaching - personal

  3. coaching - business: individuals and teams

  4. consulting - individual, small business & management

  5. supervision for counsellors & allied health workers

  6. group facilitation and professional development workshops

Soulvable was created by Jane Ewins. Jane understands that, while challenging, it is possible to live and work in more  conscious and caring ways - proving that one does not HAVE to "check one's soul at the door" to get on in this world!